How Asparagus Grows

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Asparagus seeds need three years to sprout and be ready for harvesting. 

Once that’s finished, the same plants can be cropped each spring for fifteen to twenty years.

Having originated in a maritime environment, it thrives in sandy soil with high salinity.

While other plants wouldn’t be able to survive the salt concentration, asparagus breezes right through it!

canned asparagus.jpg

Farmers usually begin very early in spring, sometimes as early as February in some regions.

Usually, one-year-old plants or “crowns” are used after the initial harvest.

The bed is first created by removing weeds and adding compost, manure, and soil.

Trenches six to twelve inches deep are then dug, and the crowns are placed with a distance of fifteen inches or so between them.

The trench is then covered, another layer of mulch is added, and it is watered regularly until it grows to the height the farmer wants.

The harvest period lasts two to three weeks and may happen every day during that time if the weather favors it! 

Farmers may choose to selectively breed asparagus to be thicker and meatier or to produce the purple variety.

They may even choose to produce white asparagus, which isn’t chemically altered but is produced without the presence of sunlight.

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