After the broccoli turn yellow can eat?

- Oct 11, 2017 -

After the broccoli turn yellow can eat?

The reason why broccoli has a beautiful green, it is because it is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll not only makes broccoli beautiful and beautiful, it is also very good for our health, it can help us strengthen the body's immune system to prevent and repair cell damage, anti-free radicals, and even the role of the body odor.ztfood-broccoli.jpg

The main reason for the yellowing of broccoli is the lack of light for a long time, because the chlorophyll itself is very unstable, in the absence of light conditions will be slowly decomposed off, so that is not easy to be decomposed lutein and carotene occupy a dominant position , Broccoli will naturally appear as yellow. Diet knowledge

Therefore, the broccoli yellow after the chlorophyll was broken down, and other nutrients will be lost. Therefore, just yellowish broccoli is completely edible, but its overall nutritional value and taste will have different degrees of reduction, boiled with hot water will restore some green. If the broccoli has been yellow for a long time, and feel softened by hand, this broccoli is best not to eat, throw it away

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