Production Process Of Pineapple Canned

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The raw materials are selected, cleaned, graded, cut, cut, skinned, poked, reprocessed, sliced, then skinned and sorted two times, then pre pumped, then sealed, then sterilized, then cooled, then labeled, and then spray coded.菠萝.jpg

(1) the raw material selection, fruit shape, fruit fiber, Yayan shallow small cylindrical fruit as raw material. Remove the disease, the disable, the dry fruit.

(2) cleaning and grading the sediment and sundries of the fruit surface with clean water, and then according to the size of the fruit diameter.

(3) the pineapple combined processing machine was used for the end, peeling and poking of the heart.

(4) slice off dressing residual skin rotten scar repair to fruit, rinse with water once, with a single slice machine will flesh cut 10~16 mm thick annular plate. The unqualified pieces or fragments can be cut into fan-shaped or pieces, but not fruit, spots or mechanical injury.

(5) pre pumping canning fruit piece into the pre pumping tank, adding 1.2 times 50 degrees around the water, in the 80KPa to 25 minutes; available vacuum conditions to juice machine, better effect. 300 grams of fruit slices, 100 grams of sugar water.

(6) the heat discharge seal of the exhaust seal, the temperature is about 98 degrees centigrade, the center temperature of the tank is not less than 75 degrees C. The vacuum degree of the vacuum seal should be above 53.3KPa.

(7) bactericidal cooling and sterilization formula, the glass bottle is 5'~25'/100 C. After sterilization, it is cooled to 38 degrees centigrade.

(8) check the storage of the cool can clean the tank for a week, the qualified person labeling into storage for sale.

(9) can review according to 1%~3% random sampling genuine canned output to open tank inspection, quality indicators meet the requirements of the flesh: pale yellow to golden yellow, color consistency, sugar and transparent, allowing a small amount of not causing the opacity of the pulp pulp debris, suitable, no odor: the complete, moderate hardness, good cutting. No scars and insect spots; flesh weight net weight of not less than 54%, sugar concentration of about 16%.

(10) colony detection: medical research shows that Salmonella induced food poisoning is most likely to occur in 5~10 month, and Salmonella induced food poisoning is closely related to Salmonella content in food, pathogenicity and individual susceptibility. When people eat Salmonella food, toxins produced by bacteria and bacteria can cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever and headache, which may cause life-threatening and serious harm to human body.

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