How To Use Edible Mushrooms

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Clean mushrooms that intended to be used in cooking. To clean, just brush them using a soft cloth or brush to remove tiny peats on their surface. If at all to wash, do so briefly under running water or in slightly vinegary water. Do not allow them soak and damp. Dry by using a soft towel. Do not peel. Trim any dry, tough end of stem.

Peeling mushrooms like in vegetables is unnecessary as this involves loss of flavor and nutritional value. It is mainly recommended for aged mushrooms. The stem (or "foot") of the mushroom is usually edible. Some species have a tough and fibrous stem that need to be removed. In other cases, simply cut of the base of the stem if it is dry or has traces of soil.

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Tips for cooking mushrooms

Cook mushrooms in stainless steel, glass, cast iron or terra-cotta pots to avoid their browning.

Add salt at the end of cooking to prevent them shrink due to draining out water.

To get maximum flavor, it is best to add mushrooms at the end of cooking to dishes that require prolonged simmering.

Freezing affects their texture and reduces their flavor.

Toxicity-Poisonous mushrooms

While large numbers of mushrooms are simply inedible, the number of poisonous/lethal mushrooms is relatively small. Many of these gathered mistakenly while foraging for edible wild mushrooms in the forests and fields. There are no consistent features or definitive tests that distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous varieties. The only reliable guide to edibility is the knowledge that someone has eaten a particular type and survived. An expert having clear knowledge of poisonous mushrooms can identify and distinguish them from edible wild mushrooms.

Some of notable poisonous species are Amanita phalloides, which is the major cause of deaths around the world from mushroom consumption. Without being poisonous, several varieties can cause illness, stomach ache and vomiting. Therefore, it is important to know the exact type and edibility of any mushroom before consuming it. 

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