How To Do Canned Fruit

- May 24, 2018 -

Canned fruit is made from different ingredients, and the raw materials of canned fruit are made from fruit, including yellow peach, apple, litchi, strawberry, hawthorn, etc. The main products include canned yellow peach, canned strawberry, canned orange, etc.

You can make the dessert of the can of yellow peach.

One. Yellow peach ice cream.

We all like to eat ice cream, especially children, today is to introduce the production of yellow peach ice cream, we prepare ingredients needed to make this time yellow peach pulp has crystal jade black box, yellow peach juice, whipping cream, sugar, gel powder, and the right amount of cold water.


	do the calories in canned fruit include the syrup

1. Add the gel powder to the cold water and stir well.

Put the pulp in the blender and beat it.

3. We add the juice and sugar of the canned peaches together, and stir evenly.

4. Whisk the cream to 7, and see that there is a grain of grain that can flow immediately. Don't beat the hair, the cream will sink in half, and the water will turn into a piece of water, which will be a failure.

Pour the juice into the bowl, add the melted gel, and mix well with your hands.

6. Add the whipped cream and add it 5 times. Slowly mix well. Do not stir vigorously so that the cream will pass.

7. Wrap the wrap paper and freeze in the freezer.

8. Remove from the refrigerator every 2 hours and stir the ice cream with a spoon. Repeat 3 times.

Refrigerate for 5 hours.

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