How Long Can You Refrigerate Mushrooms

- Apr 14, 2018 -

The nutritional value of mushrooms is very high. We sometimes buy mushrooms on a daily basis, or when we pick them ourselves, we can't eat them for a while. We need to preserve them. Some of them need to be preserved for a long time, to be eaten later, so at this time,We have to learn how to save, how to keep the latest, the best and not rot, let's take a look.

Keep clean and remove the underlying dirt.If you want to keep it, you must first pick the mushrooms that you keep, mainly basic dirt and unedible parts, and parts that have already begun to rot. It is recommended that mushrooms that show signs of starting to rot should not be preserved.Easy to affect and accelerate other no rotten preservation time and effect.

Keep dry to prevent mildew.For mushrooms here, food is particularly susceptible to decay and deterioration in hot and humid conditions and cannot be eaten.Then, first of all, we must keep dry, before the preservation to fully dry, dry surface moisture can, if dried inside the moisture will lose its original flavor.

Keep the fresh bag sealed for a long time.Seal as much as possible, we generally use preservation bags to protect against excessive contact with the air, and air mildew and decay.Once you find that some parts are starting to rot, don't clean up the ones that start to rot, or all your mushrooms will be wasted.

can we freeze mushrooms

Refrigerator preservation: keep fresh and frozen according to the situation.After sealing, then we choose the refrigerator storage method according to our own situation. If the quantity is not large, only keep for a few days, then we can keep it in the fresh storage, check it properly every day, if the quantity is a little more,And can not eat a certain amount of time, it is suggested to put into the frozen preservation, and so on out to thaw, basically still maintain the taste, but almost than the original point.

Autumn and winter days dry low temperature environment, on the general can be maintained.If in autumn and winter dry, low temperature season, put mushrooms in a dry, ventilated place, slightly wrapped, as long as you do not keep too long, a few days is no problem.And more delicious than a refrigerator.

Country recipe: a large number of sundry, sealed container, bottom salt or desiccant preservation.If you have a particularly large amount, and you want to keep it for a long time or give it away, put it in the sun, dry as much water as possible, and then prevent a sealed container with salt or desiccant at the bottom.I remember that every year my mother in my hometown dried the mushrooms and put them in that kind of inverted jar with a basin of water under it sealed. I don't know if you have ever seen them. Notice that they are absolutely sealed.Then put some dry straw and sprinkle some salt to absorb water.