Do Lychees Make You Fat

- May 26, 2018 -

Though lychees are good, they should not be eaten much.

Lychees are rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, fats, citric acid, pectin, phosphorus, iron and other fruits that are beneficial to human health. Litchi calories per 100 grams contains quantity of heat of 100 kilocalorie, namely 70 calories, unit of heat in comparatively modest fruit, sugar (carbohydrates) content is higher, eating plenty of litchi can lead to increased blood sugar, have the possibility of getting fat, fire at the meeting, also do not recommend to eat more.

Contains nutrition

1. The rich sugar in litchi can supplement energy and increase nutrition. Studies have shown that litchi can supplement brain tissue and significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness and fatigue.

2. Lychee meat is rich in vitamin C and protein, which can help enhance the immune function of the body and improve the disease resistance;

3. Lychee has the function of detoxifying swelling and detoxifying, hemostatic and analgesic;

Litchi is rich in vitamins, which can promote the blood circulation of small blood vessels, prevent freckles and make skin smoother.

Lychee taste sweet, sour, sexual temperature, into the heart, spleen, liver meridian;

The fruit has the functions of nourishing spleen and liver, regulating qi and blood, relieving pain in warm and soothing heart and mind. The nucleus has the function of regulating qi, loose knot and relieving pain.

do lychees make you fat

It can stop hiccup and diarrhea, it is a good food therapy for people with intractable hiccup and wugui xie, and it can supplement brain fitness, appetize spleen and promote appetite.

Every 100 grams of litchi contains the following nutrients

Heat (70.00 kcal), protein (0.90 g), fat (0.20 g), carbohydrates (16.60 g), dietary fiber (0.50 g), vitamin A (2.00 micrograms), beta carotene (10.00 micrograms), thiamin (0.10 mg), riboflavin (0.04 mg), Nick acid (1.10 mg), vitamin C (41.00 mg), calcium (2.00 mg), phosphorus (24.00 mg), (1.70 mg) of sodium, magnesium (12.00 mg), iron (0.40 mg), zinc (0.17 mg), selenium (0.14 micrograms), copper (0.16 mg), manganese (0.09 mg), potassium (151.00 mg)

Suitable for the general population can be eaten

1. It is especially suitable for the pregnant women, the elderly, the physically weak, and the post-illness convalescent; Anaemia, cold stomach and bad breath are also suitable.

2. People with diabetes should use lychee with caution, and those with Yin deficiency, fire and symptoms should not eat lychee, so as to avoid aggravating the symptoms of upper fire. Patients with dry sore throat, swollen gums and nosebleed caused by Yin deficiency should not use lychee. Litchi contains tannin, methanol, etc., eating more food is easy to produce internal heat, suffering from Yin deficiency caused by the throat dry pain, gingival swelling pain, nose bleeding and other diseases should not be used

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