Do Canned Pears Have Nutritional Value

- May 29, 2018 -

The nutritional value of pears

Pear has the function of relieving thirst, relieving cough and removing phlegm, clearing heat decrease internal heat, nourishing blood and producing muscle, moistening lungs and removing dryness, which is most suitable for the patients with fever in winter and spring and internal heat. Especially for lung heat cough, children wind heat, pharynx dry throat pain, dry stool knot disease is more appropriate. Modern medical research thinks, pear still has the effect of reducing blood pressure, heat and sedation. High blood pressure patients, if there are dizziness, dizziness, palpitation, tinnitus, often eat pear, can reduce the symptoms. Pears are rich in sugar and vitamins, which protect the liver and help digestion. For hepatitis, liver cirrhosis patient, as medical food often eats very beneficial. However, due to pear cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, dyspepsia and postpartum blood deficiency, not much food. Two to three hours after dinner is the best time. When choosing and buying pear, see skin color first, skin color is thin, do not have moth, broken skin, scar and color change, quality is better. Secondly, the pear should be plump in shape, moderate in size and free from deformity and injury. Third, meat quality, tender meat quality, crisp, smaller core, taste better. As long as the storage of pear can be placed in a cool and dark corner, it is not suitable for long-term refrigeration. It should be put into the refrigerator, which can be stored in a paper bag for 2 to 3 days. Don't wash it before putting it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will rot easily. In addition, do not mix with apple, banana, papaya, peach and other rotten fruit, easy to produce ethylene, accelerated oxidation and deterioration.

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For every 100 grams of pear, the nutrient content is as follows:

Nutrient name content nutrient name content nutrient name content

Carbohydrate 13.30(g) vitamin A 6.00 (MCG) potassium 92.00 (mg)

Dietary fiber 3.10 (g) vitamin B1 0.06 (mg) phosphorus 14.00 (mg)

Protein 0.40 (g) vitamin B2 0.03 (mg) calcium 9.00 (mg)

Fat 0.20 (g) vitamin C 6.00 (mg) magnesium 8.00 (mg)

Energy 44.0 (calories) vitamin E 1.34 (mg) sodium 2.10 (mg)

Carotene 33.00 (microgram) selenium 1.14 (microgram)

Iron 0.50 (mg) zinc 0.46 (mg) iodine 0.70 (mg)

Copper 0.62 (mg) manganese 0.07 (mg)

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