Canned Peaches With Jelly Of Milk

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The yellow peach is more cultivated in North China, central China and southwest China.

Wu Tai peach, Pingyi specialty, because most preterm birth in Pingyi County, Wu Tai town, named "Wu Tai peach", March 2011 Pingyi county Wu Tai Zhen Wu Taiwan Yellow Peach "successfully registered with the State Administration for Industry and commerce" China trademark ", known as" China yellow peach township".

Yanling yellow peach has been cultivated for 25 years in Yanling County, Hunan. In 1987 from the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the introduction of the latest - excellent yellow flesh canning peach cultivar derived breeding of yellow peach. Yanling County in 2011 was named "China high-quality yellow peach Township, Hunan province is the only award of the District, while the peach industry is the only award of the county.

The nutrition of yellow peach is very rich. According to the experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, its main nutritional components are rich vitamin C and a lot of cellulose, carotene, lycopene, erythropoietin and various trace elements that human needs. Such as selenium and zinc content are obviously higher than other common peaches, and also contain malic acid, citric acid and other components. Often eat yellow peach can not only provide heat to maintain brain function, also can adjust the metabolism of fat in the body, every day to eat only two can play a laxative, lowering blood sugar, blood lipid, anti free radical, get rid of spots, anti-aging, improve immune function, also can promote appetite, called fruit, health care peach. People who are tired easily, people who work in polluted environment, people who smoke, people who are keen on sports and high intensity labor, and those who take medicine for a long time are very suitable for eating yellow peach.

canned yellow peach good price

Milk yellow peach Egg Tart

1. food preparation, yellow peach slices

2. fresh milk 110ml fine sugar boiled sugar and sugar dissolve from fire to spare

3. egg yolk and whole egg

4. large container to the rest of the milk and milk powder, milk powder and stir into the 3 steps of the egg

5. steps into the 2 things, mixing and filtering water into Egg Tart

6. baking trays with paper, arranged into Egg Tart Tapie 8 full of water

7. add 9 points full of yellow peach Ding, then

8. oven 250 C middle layer for 15 minutes

Jelly of milk yellow peach

1. add the yellow peach with 2 spoonful of sugar and stir up the mud with a blender. Do not add water when you are brace.

2. agar after rinse in water and soak 1 hours, so when cooking more easily fully melted. Remove and wring dry water soaked after water agar, the other (according to the amount of water required for agar to regulate) on the fire boil. Cook good juice agar with the filter, do so out of jelly the taste will be more smooth

3. mix the yellowish peach mud and the filtered agar fluid to the mold. The mold is put in the refrigerator to cool and solidify in 3-5 minutes.

4., the next demoulding is also very critical, so it will be disfigured if it is not careful. So you can use this method. After taking the mold out of the fridge, you can put it in the hot water for half a minute, and then it will melt to the edge of the mold in the hot water.

5., use a toothpick or a fruit fork to lap lightly along the edge of the jelly. It should be light and reverse. It can pour out the jelly. On the yellow peach jelly, it can be sprinkled with milk, yogurt or cream.

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