Canned Mushrooms Healthy Nutritional Value

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The nutritional value of mushrooms

Carotene in many mushrooms all contain carotene, in the human body can be transformed into vitamin A, so the mushroom is also known as "vitamin A treasure house".

Vitamin D other fresh vegetables and fruits do not contain vitamin D, mushroom is an exception. Moreover, the vitamin D content is very rich, which is beneficial to the bone health. And more vitamin D, can be a good way to prevent osteoporosis.

Selenium trace element selenium has a selective killing and inhibitory effect on liver cancer cells, but has no obvious effect on normal liver cells. It is obvious that selenium supplement can be an effective measure to prevent liver cancer and prevent liver disease. The ability of human body to store selenium is very weak, so it is necessary to eat foods with high selenium to get enough selenium. Mushrooms are a good source of selenium. The selenium element contained in the mushroom is not only high in quantity but also easy to be absorbed by the human body, so we should eat some more. Especially for people who like to drink, mushrooms can help you stay away from liver disease. Business people often go through the cups for their work needs. Don't forget to eat lots of delicious mushrooms. They can protect your heavy liver.  Selenium is a woman's "beauty card", can promote skin and anti-aging in The new supersedes the old., prevent wrinkles effect is more worth the wait.

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Potassium mushroom is also a good cardioprotective food. This is because for the special heart care, the best element potassium in heart is prevented. Besides banana, there is a high content of mushrooms. Potassium salt can protect the heart cells. The antihypertensive drugs that promote sodium excretion often increase potassium excretion and cause potassium deficiency in the body. Therefore, when the diet is limited to salt, we should eat more potassium - containing food.

Mushroom is a kind of iodine iodine rich food. The lack of iodine in food can cause a goiter, so China is forced to add potassium iodate in salt. Eating more salt can damage the blood vessels, but eating less salt may also cause iodine deficiency. Therefore, in order to supplement can eat some mushrooms, sunflower and shrimp and other foods rich in iodine.

Protein content in protein mushrooms is very high, more than 30%, more than the average vegetable and fruit. Mushrooms contain 18 kinds of amino acids. 8 kinds of essential amino acids, which are not synthesized by human body and must be taken from food, can be found in mushrooms, and the content is high. Some of the mushrooms are even more amino acid than beef. It has been found that the nutritional value of mushrooms is second only to milk. Mushrooms are rich in protein, which can be digestible up to 70% to 90%, and enjoy the name of "plant meat".

Tyrosinase mushroom contains tyrosinase, so it has the effect of reducing blood pressure and lowering blood fat, suitable for obese and elderly people to eat.

In the effective components of mushroom, Japanese researchers have analyzed a kind of super strong anti-cancer substance with a molecular weight of 288, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and its effect is 1000 times stronger than that of green tea. The mushrooms also contain a toxic protein that can effectively prevent the protein synthesis of cancer cells.

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