Whole Mushoom in Drums

Whole Mushoom in Drums

We supply top quality delicious luscious champignon mushrooms, picked and packed at their freshest with the best in flavor. which are no preservatives, covering most of Europe、the Americas and Some of the Middle East and Asia market. we are expecting become your long-term partner in china.

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Whole Mushoom in drums


Product Introduction Of Whole Mushoom in drums
Mushroom In Conserve In Brine With Quality Delicious Whole/PNS Champignon Mushroom Are Picked And Packed At The Peak Of Freshness For The Highest Standard In Natural Flavor. It Is No Added Flavors, Coloring And No Artificial Preservatives. It Has Longer Shelf Life And Retains Its Freshness For Longer Of Time.


Product Specification Of Whole Mushoom In Drums

Product Type:




Preservation Process:



Mushroom, Water, Salt



Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Model Number:


Shelf Life:





In Drums

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand


Product Packing Of Whole Mushoom In Drums






Mushroom In Conserve In Brine

Grade A




Grade B


Grade C


Grade D


Grade E1



Grade E2


Nameko In Brine



Shiitake Mushroom/ Pleorotus/ Straw Mushroom In Brine



Product detail Of Whole Mushoom In Drums

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mushroom in brines.jpg


mushroom in brine.jpg


Brine mushroom production process

1. Raw material treatment

Immediately after the purchase of fresh mushrooms, the mushroom surface mud was removed with a solution of 50,000kgs sodium sulphite (0.5kg sodium pyrosulfite per 1000 kg of water). Wash mud cleaning miscellaneous, then rinse in five over ten thousand sodium metabisulfite solution 1 minutes, take out the plastic bag inside the barrel of the lining, into buckets of fresh mushroom, should add water immersion mushrooms, and then sent to the factory or workshop production.

2. Rinse

Fresh mushrooms will be processed, in a timely manner in a flow or the stillness of the clean water rinse 3 ~ 4 times, to achieve the purpose of float to the best of sodium metabisulfite residual, rinse the end, the mushroom into line with gauze in a bamboo basket, for cooking.

3. The pre-cooking

Use double boiler or cylinder add stainless steel steam coil tube to carry on burning, boil (rural mushroom room can use large steel precision pot to preboil). Precooked liquid every 100 kilograms of water add 5 ~ 7 kg salt or equivalent salt halide (submerged mushroom hair halogen) boil, after rinse mushrooms into pre-cooking cylinder pre-cooking, after being boiled with skimmer up-and-down, make mushroom even mature, about 6 to 7 minutes, remove to cool. Brine can be boiled 5 to 6 times, but add 3% salt (or brine) to add salinity after the third time. Do not overcook the use of brine, or it will affect the color. Precooking time depends on whether the heart of the mushroom is cooked and decided, the best size of the mushroom separate precooking.

4. Cooling

Precooked mushrooms are placed in running clear water or still cold water for continuous rollover cooling. Until I touch the mushroom with my hand and feel no difference in temperature.

5. Classification

Grading when available classifier screen, or by artificial separation, its specification (cooked mushroom surface diameter) standard is determined according to the overseas and domestic market, and generally have 3 ~ 5, A level 1 ~ 2 cm, B 2 ~ 3 cm, class C more than 3 cm, D, E (thereof) deformity, thin skin, open umbrella, big fissure, take off the handle.

6. Singling

After mechanical screening, all grades should be manually selected, deformed, unhandled, open the umbrella and so on, as grade E (equivalent egu), and then overweighed and loaded.

7. The barrel

The cooked halide should be boiled and melted with 40% salt in advance, with a salinity of 22 degrees. 2‰ of citric acid should be added after being filtered by gauze for cooling and precipitation. The brine of pickled mushrooms was measured once with a baume meter when filling the bucket. The brine of the bucket with a salinity of 15-16 degrees was 22 degrees, the brine with a salinity of 18 degrees, and the brine was 20 degrees. Then carry on the weighing, take the halogen broken line as the standard, the number of salt water per barrel is determined by the packaging container and the requirements of domestic and foreign sales, the quantity should be sufficient, not too much, not too little. After the mushroom is loaded into a plastic bucket, the mushroom floating on the surface of the gravy is pressed into the gravy with bamboo pieces and other things at the mouth of the bucket, and then the grades are marked. After loading the barrel, it is necessary to check whether the grade is consistent or not, and also check regularly, add enough brine, and store for 3-4 days after passing the inspection.

Production 8.

Mushroom as raw materials for the cans, due to the seasonal mushroom production, and have obvious mushroom peak, canning factory production ability is limited, often appear saturated raw materials, that he can't timely processing can some mushrooms. Processing brine mushroom is beneficial to solve the mushroom production weak prosperous problem, moderate the market, and also can export directly.


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