Mushroom in Drum in 50kg Drum

Mushroom in Drum in 50kg Drum

ZTFOOD is a trade company located in Zhangzhou,China.We offer variety tin food including canned tuna,canned mackerel,canned sardines,canned sweet corn,canned mushroom etc,.Working in line with the market principle "Credit First,Quality First", our tin food enjoy high reputation among worldwide and domestic clients due to the high quality and competitive price.

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Mushroom In Drum In 50kg Drum


Product Introduction Of Mushroom In Drum In 50kg Drum
Mushroom In Conserve In Brine With Quality Delicious Whole/PNS Champignon Mushroom Are Picked And Packed At The Peak Of Freshness For The Highest Standard In Natural Flavor. It Is No Added Flavors, Coloring And No Artificial Preservatives. It Has Longer Shelf Life And Retains Its Freshness For Longer Of Time.


Product Specification Of Mushroom In Drum In 50kg Drum

Product Type:




Preservation Process:



Mushroom, Water, Salt



Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Model Number:


Shelf Life:





In Drums

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand


Product Packing Of Mushroom In Drum In 50kg Drum






Mushroom In Conserve In Brine

Grade A




Grade B


Grade C


Grade D


Grade E1



Grade E2


Nameko In Brine



Shiitake Mushroom/ Pleorotus/ Straw Mushroom In Brine


1. The Special Type Tank Can According To Customer's Requirement,
2. D.W Weight Can According To Customer's Requirements


Product Details Of Mushroom In Drum In 50kg Drum

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mushroom in drum.jpg


Company Information

Our company was established in May 2006 with a total investment of us $1.4 million. The company has more than 100 employees and 12 technicians. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The main products of the company are pickled edible fungi, annual production capacity of 6000 tons, the products are mainly sold to South America, eastern Europe and other countries and regions. The company adheres to the quality first, reputation first, continuously develops the sales network, the sales performance is steadily rising, the export volume steadily increases.

The company takes "export enterprise + base + farmer" business model. Product quality is the basis of enterprise survival, we start from the source and start from the raw material base. The base obtained GAP certification and was identified as a demonstration base for agricultural products export in jiangsu province in 2015.


1. Processing of mushroom materials in salted water

Want to pickle brine mushroom after receiving fresh mushroom, need to use sodium sulfite solution to undertake cleaning immediately, want to wash the mud of mushroom surface miscellaneous, put in this kind of solution to soak more than a minute, take out, then can put into bucket, add clear water to carry on soaking, the mushroom that immerses in undertake next treatment.

2. Wash and cook mushrooms in salted water

Pickle brine mushroom raw materials after sterilization treatment, also need to rinse several times, so as to make it on the surface of the sodium sulfite eliminating, rinse clean again after the mushrooms add water into the pot cooked edible salt, water and salt in advance to make best, made from bittern, bittern can be placed in the pot cooked in advance when making five to six times, then go to the cooked mushrooms, so that the mushroom cooking flavor even colour and lustre is also quite outstanding.

3. Salt water mushroom cooling and barrel loading

After fresh mushrooms in the pot boiled to remove for cooling, the best way is to put it in cold water for cooling, such as hand feel mushroom no temperature filtered out later, remove the deformity and handle off mushrooms don't, remaining mushrooms can be directly in barrels, add two over one hundred of the citric acid, sealed, brined mushrooms is completed.


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