what is the effect of pineapple

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Eat pineapple before meal: as pineapple contains butyl acid, eating pineapple before meal can help saliva secrete and promote appetite. What is the effect of eating pineapples after a meal? It is very suitable for white-collar workers who eat too much meat and heavy oil food for a long time. Pineapple not only can reduce fat and relieve greasy food, but also can promote intestinal peristalsis, and make your metabolism return to normal, so as to achieve the effect of preventing intestinal cancer. Of course, pineapple also has the magic effect of breaking down protein and scraping fat. Beautiful women friends can try it.

There are many benefits both before and after eating, or the efficacy of a diet is amazing. Now it is suggested that we should take the time to eat pineapple, and we should also pay attention to it. Otherwise, when you eat the wrong time, it's like a poison. According to relevant experts, pineapple should not be eaten on an empty stomach, and it is unfavorable to intestines and stomach. To think of the best effect of pineapple, the best choice is to eat in half an hour before dinner and 1-2 hours after the meal.t01a62160c27eab64d4_副本.jpg

So in addition to the above introduction of the effectiveness of pineapple, what are there? For pathology, is there a therapeutic effect and an auxiliary treatment for disease? Now come and see the introduction of the pineapple. According to the nutrition experts, the juice of pineapple has a good effect on the treatment of tracheitis, nephritis and dysentery, heat stroke and even fatigue. In hot summer, we can make pineapple rich in vitamin C to make jam, fruit vinegar or fruit juice to eat, so that it can not only eliminate fatigue, prevent freckles and black spots, but also beautifying beauty for ladies who love beauty. Besides, pineapple can be processed into canned, preserved and brewing wine vinegar, as well as food. The power of pineapple is strong, I believe that you have got a certain understanding through the above. The small editor should remind you that it is still a problem to eat more fruit. Therefore, we should pay attention to the taboo of taboo. Because pineapple has sour taste and significant cooling effect, it is not very suitable for hypotension, cold and weak people. The content of oxalic acid in pineapple is also more, excessive consumption is harmful to the intestines and intestines, so we should take appropriate amount to avoid affecting health.

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