What are the effectsof pears

- Feb 12, 2018 -

The pear is a fruit of water greatly, it has a very good help to quench their thirst, especially in the winter, its yield is very much more pear containing nutrients, so we usually a lot of people are very fond of it, but also in terms of price, it is not very high what are the pear, the efficacy and role?

The effect and function of pears

Pear has many functions and many aspects, so we can use this kind of fruit safely. It will not harm the health and help the development of all aspects of the body.

Pears have the effect of raising the lungs: people who eat more pears are far less likely to have a cold than those who do not eat or eat less. So, scientists and doctors call the pear "all - round healthy fruit" or "general practitioner". Air pollution is serious now. Eating more pears can improve respiratory and lung function and protect the lungs from dust and dust in the air.

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Pear effect: Jin Sheng, Runzao, heat, phlegm and other effects, suitable for febrile polydipsia, diabetes disease, fever cough, phlegm frantic, dysphagia thirsty aphonia red eye pain, indigestion.

Pear peel effect: heart lungs fire fluid, nourishing kidney yin tonic effect. The roots, leaves, flowers can be lungs, phlegm heat, detoxification.

The function of pear seed: it contains lignin, it is an insoluble fiber, it can dissolve in the intestines, form a colloidal film, and it can be excluded from cholesterol in the intestine. Pear containing boron can prevent osteoporosis in women. When boron is sufficient, memory, attention, and mental acuity will increase.

The efficacy and role of pear is really a lot, when pear body is a treasure of health has a great help, but also in the treatment of some diseases, it is also a good effect, so we in the usual time, all can choose to eat some pears, conducive to good health the body balanced nutrition, also has a great help.

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