The nutritional value of canned whole kernel corn

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Corn, or maize, bract reed, millet, corn, maize, corn cob, greatly Milo, corn, Yu Ling, Biyu, wheat, sorghum, rare jade imperial rice, wheat, beans, Royal jade Liugu and reed millet, pearl rice, wheat, barley Confidante, gold beans, Jade Valley, baba. Cantonese is called millet, it is called Taiwanese wheat, annual gramineous herbs.

The nutritional value of corn

1. the 70% of the fat of corn is linoleic acid, and the content of phosphorus and vitamin B1 is the first of the cereal.

About 80% of the 2. minerals exist in the embryo, the content of calcium is very little, the protein content is low, the yellow corn contains more carotene, vitamin D and K are almost not.

can you freeze whole corn on the cob

There are more vitamin E in 3. fat soluble vitamins.

4. can reduce human cholesterol

The efficacy of corn

1, the corn has the function of adjusting the stomach, benefiting the lung and Ningxin, clearing the damp and hot, the liver and gallbladder, delaying senility and so on.

2, corn has the highest nutritional value and health care in all staple foods.

3, the vitamin content in maize is very high, is 5-10 times that of rice, wheat.

4, the corn contains a lot of nutrition and health care material.

5, corn contains carbohydrates, proteins, fat and carotene.

The edible effect of corn

1. weight loss

After eating, it can eliminate the hunger of obese people, but after eating, the heat is very low, it is also one of the substitute for weight loss.

3. lowering blood pressure and lowering blood lipid

Rich calcium can play a role in lowering blood pressure, promote cell division, reduce serum cholesterol and prevent it from depositing on the vessel wall. Therefore, corn has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. Central American Indians are not susceptible to high blood pressure related to their main food corn.

4. increase memory and anti aging

Stimulate the brain cells, enhance the human brain, memory and human metabolism, and adjust the function of the nervous system. It can make skin tender and smooth, inhibit and postpone wrinkles, and can resist the aging of the eyes.

5. Mingmu

People who often use their eyes should eat more yellow corn to relieve macular degeneration and decrease vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin can absorb harmful rays into the eye by virtue of their strong antioxidant activities.


The selection of corn

There is no grade in the corn flour, only the fine and fine. The quality of corn flour is light yellow, no acid, mold and other peculiar smell. When buying bulk corn noodles, holding corn seeds with hands and long and unbroken corn flour contains high moisture and is not suitable for storage.

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