The efficacy of mushroom

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Mushrooms also known as Agaricus bisporus, white mushrooms, ocean mushrooms,mushrooms in different regions of the name is different, but a more generic mushrooms.

Taste: slightly cold, cool, sweet, into the liver and stomach玻璃罐装蘑菇 3.jpg

Meridian tropism: entering the liver and stomach.

Efficacy: A: Qi appetizers, a virtual lean and elderly infirm children; two: Three: care pox; anticancer; four: hypoglycemic. Five: with onion white son with food can promote blood circulation.

Suitable for the elderly, diabetes, leukopenia, infectious hepatitis, hyperlipidemia, vitamin B2 deficiency and other patients eat.

Indications: infectious hepatitis, infantile measles through displeasure.



Ecology: Forests, grasslands, hills and plains, often found on rotten wood or on dung, are often found.

Harvesting and storage: mostly in autumn, winter and spring cultivation, growth after the collection, in addition to net impurities, dried or dried.

Resource distribution: all over the country, divided into two kinds of wild and artificial cultivation.mushrooms.jpg

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