Mushroom Nutrition

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Mushrooms Nutrition: Vitamins and Health Benefits

There are many types of mushrooms including:

Shiitake mushrooms nutrition: this type of mushroom originates from Japan, Korea and China. Shiitakes are a tree mushroom, they are believed to have excellent healing powers. They can be cooked in the same way as ordinary mushrooms. Shiitake is a little more expensive, they can be bought fresh, dried or pickled.

Maitake mushrooms nutrition: this variety of mushroom has fantastic healing abilities. Maitakes contain beta-glucan which is known for its ability to shrink tumors, and to prevent the HIV virus from killing white blood cells.

Button mushrooms nutrition: there are small mushrooms that are white with beige / pale brown gills. They are delicious in flavor and versatile. Button mushroom can be cooked in many different ways and they an excellent choice for most mushroom recipes.


Chestnut mushrooms nutrition: his variety is slightly bigger than button mushrooms and the flavor is more intense.

Field mushrooms nutrition: this kind of mushroom is very versatile and ideal to use in most recipes including soups and sauces. This type is darker than button mushrooms, they are browner. The flavor of field mushroom is very good and this type is ideal for stuffing.

Morel mushrooms nutrition: this is an unusual mushroom and it looks a little like honeycomb. They have crinkled spongy caps. Morels are uniquely shaped, unlike other mushrooms. They are edible and they are sometime referred to as sponge mushrooms. They are known as the truffles of the north in Scandinavia. This is the first woodland mushroom of the year, it appears in the spring. They are hollow inside and are considered to be one of the finest and best mushrooms. Like honeycomb, Morel mushrooms have holes in them, therefore, they must be washed well to ensure that there are no bugs inside. The morel variety requires longer cooking time than most mushrooms. This type is ideal for sauteeing.

There are different varieties of woodland mushrooms such as Chanterelles, Ceps, Black Trumpets, Horns of Plenty, Morels, Dried Mushrooms, Hedgehog Fungus, Oyster Mushrooms and Enokitaki.

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