Introduction to the kinds of canned vegetables

- Jul 06, 2017 -

1. Vinegar Stains Category: Select fresh or salted vegetables raw materials, processed dressing, cut cans, and then add spices and acetic acid, salt mixed liquid made of canned products, such as sour cucumber, sweet and sour buckwheat head can.

2. Seasoning Category: The choice of fresh vegetables and other small ingredients, after slicing (block), processing cooking (fried or not fried) can be canned after canning products, such as oil stewed bamboo shoots, eight Zhai can and so on.

3. Salted (Sauce stains): The choice of fresh vegetables, after the cut (piece) (or pickled) cans, and then add people sugar, salt, msg and other soup juice (or sauce) and made of canned products, such as snow vegetables, coriander heart can and so on.

4. Clear Stains Category: Choose fresh or refrigerated good vegetable raw materials, after processing, pre-boil rinse (or not cooked), sorting cans after adding dilute brine or sugar and salt mixture (or boiling water or vegetable juice) made of canned products, such as green knife beans, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and other cans.

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