how to make canned mackerel

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Acceptance of raw material and processing: choose to enter the factory fresh mackerel (in size, number of chub mackerel), fresh degree of acceptance and inspection. The frozen mackerel should be defrosting in a clean water pool after the mackerel is checked by the plate. The fresh mackerel skin is glossy, the eye is prominent, the gills are bright red, the muscles are elastic, the flesh is not separated, the belly is not broken, and the smell is no smell. Be qualified to head open maw, mackerel, remove offal (be careful not to break the fish gall), cleaning in the water, and scrape with flesh and blood, cut fins, cut into 4~5 cm long pieces of fish, wash water control.

The salted and canned fish: will put in 15 Baume in saline saline for 20 minutes, stirring for 2 times, and the ratio of 1:1 salt water fish, salted fish out the fish block after rinse and drain water after canning. It can be used for 7114 cans or 860 cans and 601 cans. If 7114 can be loaded 8 blocks, the size of parts of uniform collocation, overlapping two layers, request cans neatly, to leave the upper interval, then fill 1 Baume clean brine.

The exhaust and juice: canned into the exhaust box, the temperature is over 98 DEG C, according to the season time control in 35~40 minutes, the center temperature to reach more than 95 DEG C. Exhaust box is controlled to add canned saline, prepared by adding 110~120 grams of ketchup, type 7114, the actual amount shall be adjusted according to the exhaust dehydration, each can re guarantee 7114 pounds, canned weight is 425 + 13 grams.

The tomato sauce recipe: (in kg).qingyu-zfood.jpg

28% ketchup 35 peanut oil 5

Sugar 7 onion 5

Refined salt 4 water 74

Total 130

Preparation method: onion peeled and cut into diced green onion, add a small amount of water to boil, add water, stirring while adding sugar and salt, the melt, according to the formula requirements add enough water, then add 28% tomato sauce does not stir, the peanut oil has been cooked with tomato sauce (such as canned mackerel. With refined peanut oil) slowly pour, stir baked to half an hour, with the distribution with the use of multiple mixing.

By joining the tomato after canned should be immediately sent to the vacuum sealing machine sealing, vacuum pump indication should be at around 360 mmHg, timely check and adjust the sealing performance of vacuum pumping machine, in order to achieve the vacuum tank, avoid too high vacuum may be drawn in tomato sauce. During the sealing process, we should check the actual situation of the double side curling regularly. In addition to the special canned caliper for the appearance inspection, the conditional enterprise applies the special projector to check. After sealing by tank cleaning, wash tank and oil and then into the cage with sterilization.

The sterilization sterilization formula: 425 grams of 7114 cans of canned mackerel in tomato sauce (for reference) for the 15 '-70' -10 'anti pressure water cooling /118 C

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