how did canned food change the world

- Jun 04, 2018 -

In our daily life, in order to prolong the preservation period of food, human beings have tried many ways for thousands of years, such as smoking, sun drying, salt salting and so on. Canning is the youngest. 

All kinds of canned Food

The inventor of Tibetan technology is French Nichols Apppert. In 1795, the French government offered a large reward for the preservation of military food for war. Nichols Apppert was successful in 1804. He preservation methods are the meat and beans into jars, then gently inserting cork (ensure free access to gas jar) put in hot water bath heating, food boiling within 30 to 60 min to the altar, take out the cork stopper still very tight, and wax seal. Nichols Apppert presented his invention to the then Napoleonic governments in 1809 and received a prize of 12,000 francs. In 1810, Nichols Apppert wrote and published the law of permanent preservation of animals and plants, in which he proposed the basic methods of tank storage -- exhaust, sealing and sterilization. Then, in 1810, Peter Durand of the United Kingdom invented tin - plated sheet metal canisters, enabling the production of canned food by hand. In 1812, Nichols Apppert officially opened a cannery named appert house, the first cannery in the world. In 1864, Louis Paster first explained that the real cause of food spoilage was due to the action of microorganisms, thus explaining the mechanism of canning. In 1873, Louis Paster proposed the theory of heat sterilization. Since then, canned food has been continuously developed and improved, gradually entering the modern food industry processing.

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The main advantages

1. Convenient food -- anytime, anywhere, open the can ready to eat.

2. Save time -- buy once and relax three times. Save the pain of cooking, and you'll be happy.

3. Abundant nutrition -- fruits and vegetables of the four seasons, temporarily enjoyed, north and south nutrition, all in the pot.

4. Health and hygiene -- physical sterilization is the most thorough, no preservatives added, no credulous experts, safe to eat to protect health

5. Unique flavor -- several generations of Chinese and foreign famous chefs, ancient and precious flavor can be stored in the jar, and eastern and western cultures are of various ages

6. Food safety -- mature technology, unfailing for a hundred years, recognized by all countries, safe and assured.

7, easy to carry - travel, ready to be safe.

8. Store at room temperature -- no refrigerator, no electricity, no waste of food, commercial sterilization and vacuum, keep fresh at room temperature.

9. Low price -- "anti-season" fruits and vegetables are expensive, quality and taste are at a discount, with large batch processing in the current season and low taste and nutrition price. (please compare prices with other foods)

10. Energy conservation and environmental protection -- save water, electricity and coal fire, keep away from oil and smoke, recycle empty bottles and cans, and save resources without pollution. The wide application of easy pull cover and glass bottle open cover has made the history of "can not be opened with good taste"

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