How delicious canned asian mushroom

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Mushroom can see two colors in the market, one is on the map is a brown, white, two there is no nutritional value and taste much difference. Mushroom flavor than letinous edodes, than fresh vegetable mushroom, alone but not lonely, and other ingredients collocation seasoning and complement each other, so it is a kind of edible mushroom the largest in the world, whether fried fried stew, its taste will never disappoint.

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Mushroom with a slightly chewy almond aroma, thick soft and tough like abalone, hence the name. With Boletus, Pleurotus eryngii has physical, but fresh is the most suitable, hardcore firing -- as long as the adjustment of the taste, that's what are delicious than pork!

canned asian mushrooms

Another looks for Coprinus comatus, named mushrooms, many people confuse it with mushroom, you can see that the two waist clear XD. Mushroom meat is also more abundant, but the taste than the mushroom to be delicate, itself not to take what taste, suitable for all kinds of cooking, fried was tender fried sensual, long cooking is not bad, but with what ingredients can be friends, is really a good temper, if not mushroom to choose a way to eat, but also can dream plant preference for tasty and crisp fried preserved.

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