can mushrooms be eaten raw

- Jan 06, 2018 -

1. Some mushrooms can be eaten raw

Some fresh mushroom can be eaten raw, eating before peeling, then rinse, poured some lemon juice or vinegar, you can eat the meat, fat and tender, the taste is very delicious, with cooked taste compared is not the same, if love can try. But it must be artificial, nontoxic mushrooms. For example, the Pleurotus ostreatus purchased on the market can be eaten in a proper amount.

Although edible mushrooms are nontoxic, mushrooms are edible mushrooms. If they are not heated or poisonous, they must be cleaned before they are eaten raw. First, it is necessary to wash the sediment on the surface and to sterilize them at low temperature, so as to reduce the toxicity of mushrooms. Then when eating raw mushrooms, want to eat more nutritious, is the best collocation of salad, cold or other non-staple food to eat together.

2. The cold mushrooms are also delicious

zhentian food canned mushroom

The first to be washed, sliced mushrooms, mushroom salad is, but still need in boiling water (a salt water) for about 5 minutes, garlic oil and butyl do condiments, filtering mushrooms, add seasoning and mix well, add seasoning to some of their love.

3, as little as possible to eat raw mushrooms

Although there are some fresh mushroom can be eaten, but wild mushrooms mushroom can be eaten is absolutely not, because it is fungus ingredients, containing a variety of toxic peptides and alkali substances, these substances are very harmful to the human body, must be a high temperature heating can be damaged, so if this kind of raw mushrooms, will cause serious toxic reactions. There is also the life threatening, so try not to eat raw mushrooms.

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