Delicious Canned Green Peas

Delicious Canned Green Peas

Vitamin C is most abundant in dark green vegetables, while soy sprouts are rich in vitamin B2, which can be obtained by stir-frying spinach with soy sprouts. Persimmon peppers are rich in vitamin C, carrots are rich in carotene, potatoes are rich in starch, if the combination of the three can achieve nutritional complementary effect.

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Delicious Canned Green Peas


Product Description Of Delicious Canned Green Peas

Preserved from fresh, young, tender beans of special sorts.

Recommended dietary product.

Best seller in 30 Countries.


Product Specification Of Delicious Canned Green Peas

Product Packing Net weight Drain weight Quantity/20'FCL
Canned Green Peas 24 x 184g Tin 184g 114g 3600 cartons
24 x 400g Tin 400g 240g 1850 cartons
12 x 800g Tin 800g 480g 1800 cartons
6 x 2500g Tin 2500g 1500g 1180 cartons
6 x 3000g Tin 3000g 1800g 1000 cartons


Product Details Of Delicious Canned Green Peas

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We produce various canned food with certifications of ISO22000/SGS/BRC/UKAS:

canned mushrooms (whole, sliced, pns)

canned fruits (lychees, longan, pears, peaches, pineapples, appricots, cherries and so on)

canned vegetables (green beans/green peas/chickpeas/carrots/kernels/baby corns etc.)

canned fish (mackerels, sardines, tunas)


And since we also supply mushroom material to other makers, we have a large production base of preserved mushrooms and ship a lot to Brazil.




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