Canned Baby Corn Nutrition

Canned Baby Corn Nutrition

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Product Details

Canned Baby Corn Nutrition


Product Introduction Of Canned Baby Corn Nutrition
Canned Baby Corn With Whole Organic Young Corn Are Picked And Packed At The Peak Of Freshness For The Highest Standard Flavor. It Is No Added Flavors, Coloring And No Artificial Preservatives. It Has Longer Shelf Life And Retains Its Freshness For Longer Of Time.


Product Specification Of Canned Baby Corn Nutrition

Product Type:

Canned Baby Corn

Preservation Process:

Salty Water


Baby Corn, Water, Salt

Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Shelf Life:



Easy Open And Normal Lid

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand


Product Packing Of Canned Baby Corn Nutrition


Size (N.T*Qty/Ctn)



Canned Baby Corn

425g * 24



2840g * 6




Product Details Of Canned Baby Corn Nutrition

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The production process of Canned Baby Corn Nutrition

Raw material: debract leaf spike silk, washing, blanching, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling, inspection, packaging.


Key points of processing

1. Select maize shoots with a complete shape of fresh and tender tissue, which are conical in shape, full in bolt, neatly and closely arranged, and yellow or light yellow as raw materials. As the corn shoots are very fresh and tender and easy to break, so, in the process of harvesting, loading and unloading, transport, must be handled lightly.

2. Remove the bracts and panicles by hand, and remove the bracts. The action should be light to avoid damaging the shape of bamboo shoots. Pick up the worm-eaten, woody, dry, sugary, threshing, deformed and damaged shoots.

3. Dressing, cleaning and grading: the dressing growth of xian's maize shoots was 6 ~ 11cm, divided into 6 ~ 9cm and 9 ~ 11cm, and put into a mixed solution containing 0.1% calcium chloride and 50 * 10e-6 ~ 100 * 10e-6 sulfuric acid, soaked for 5 ~ 10 minutes, then rinsed with water.

4. Put the tips of the bamboo shoots up into the steel wire basket or plastic basket, then dip the corn shoots into the boiling water and blanch for 5 to 7 minutes. Immediately after blanching, basket will be submerged in the flow of 10 ~ 15 minutes in cold water, or spray cooling with cold water, make baby corn temperature dropped to 40 ~ 50 .

5. Generally, type 7113 inner coating or tinplate tin can is used for canning. Corn shoots with normal shape and uniform grain were selected for canning. The diameter of bamboo shoots in the same pot should be basically the same, and the difference between the largest and smallest bamboo shoots should not exceed 5mm, and the quantity should not exceed 20%. The difference between the longest and shortest stalagmites shall not exceed 20mm, and the quantity shall not exceed 20%. > in terms of branches. The content of solids is 50%, allowable tolerance plus or minus 11%.

The formula of the soup was 1% salt, 2% white sugar and 0.2% vitamin c. Dissolve all ingredients in a mixture and then filter. Heat until boiling. Then pour 80-90% of the juice into the pot.

6. The sealed tank is sealed with a vacuum sealing machine, with a vacuum degree of 0.03 ~ 0.05mpa.

7, sterilization, cooling seal good pot immediately into sterilization sterilization in the processing, its sterilization formula is: 10 ~ 25 (1) (1) to 7 (1) / 121 . Cool after sterilization.

8, insulation, inspection immediately wipe after cooling tank on the surface of the water, into the 37 + 2 heat preservation heat preservation repository for five days, after quality inspection, packing into the Treasury.



Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Our Payment Term Is 30% In Advance,70% See The Copy B/L Paid ,L/C At Sight.

Q: May I Have My Own Brand?

A: About The Brand, Customers Need To Use Your Own Brand.

Q: What's Your Minimum Quantity? 

A: The Minimum Order: 1*20'Fcl


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