Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries

Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries

Waxberry delicious, nutritious, fruit sugar 12%, 13%, organic acid 0.5%, 1.56%, and contains a variety of vitamins, xiaoshi, moisture, and keep out the cold, antidiarrheal, diuretic, diarrhea, cholera, and other functions. Because the fruit is not able to be stored and transported, it can be stored for a long time by processing and canning.

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Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries 


Product Introduction Of Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries

The anthocyanins and vitamin C contained in yangmei have good antioxidant function, which can improve immunity, resist free radicals, prevent aging and inhibit cancer. The fruit acid contained in yangmei can prevent the body from converting sugar to fat function, contribute to weight loss, is the ideal fruit for weight loss.


Product Specification Of Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries

Product Type:

Canned Waxberry



Preservation Process:



Waxberry, Water, Sugar


Fresh Waxberry

Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Model Number:


Shelf Life:



Easy Open And Normal Lid


Can (Tin) Or Jar

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand


Product Packing Of Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries


Size (N.T*Qty/Ctn)



Canned Waxberry








Product Details  Of Delicious Canned Red Chinese Strawberries

Canned fruit Bayberry .jpg


Chinese Canned Waxberry In Syrup


The process of making canned Strawberries

I. technological process

Raw materials selection, classification, washing, leaching elimination saline pick, canning, heating vent - closing - sterilization - cooling - brush pot put in storage, inspection.

2. Production method

1. Choose fresh, delicious, purplish red or bright red fruits as raw materials. The fruit is 22 mm in diameter.

2. Remove mildew and rotten fruit, immature fruit, mechanical damaged fruit and inclusions at different stages, remove left handle, and divide the basket according to the size and color of the fruit.

3. Rinse with running water. Do not stir over to avoid injury.

4. Prepare 5% salt water with salt water in the pot. Soak the fruit in salt water for lO minutes. After immersion, the impurities such as mud and sand are washed away in flowing water.

5. Choose red or purplish red fruits with complete fruit shape and no soft rot. The size and color of fruit in the same pot should be roughly the same.

6. The filling method is to take 25O grams of yangmei and put it into a clean and disinfected glass jar with 25O grams of sugar water with a concentration of 25%. The tank cover and aprons must first by the lOO ℃ boiled for 5 minutes.

7. Heat and drain tank and drain in vent box for 5-lo minutes.

8. After closing exhaust hot sealed on the can sealing machine, tank center temperature above 75 ℃.

Disinfect put the sealed can into boiling water and cook for about 8 minutes.

LO. Cooling after sterilization of canned should immediately release of cold water, segmented cooling below 4 ℃ o.

11. Dry the cans, put them in storage, check and dry the water, and store them in room temperature for 5 days. After passing the inspection, the factory can leave the factory with a trademark




1.How to test the quality:

You are supposed to find our products in your local market or samples can be sent to you with freight cost collected.

2. What is your sample delivery time?
Usually we need about 5-10 days to make the samples. 
3. What is your delievery time of production?
The delievery time of production is 21-35 days.
4. What is your payment term?
1). 30% T/T deposit in advance,70% balance before shipment
2). 30% T/T deposit in advance,70% balance against B/L copy
3). L/C at sight.


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