Canned Tunas

  • Canned Tuna Brine in Oil

    Canned Tuna Brine in Oil

    We Supply Top Quality Delicious In Conserve Tunas Fish Tomato Sauce In Soft Taste Flavor. Which Do Not Add Artificial Preservatives, Has A Longer Shelf Life, Covering Most Of Europe、The Americas...

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  • Tuna Chunks In Brine

    Tuna Chunks In Brine

    Eating fish as part of a healthy diet offers a number of benefits -- consuming 6 ounces of fish each week reduces your risk of fatal heart disease by 36 percent, according to the Harvard School of...

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  • Canned Tuna In Oil

    Canned Tuna In Oil

    In general, canned tuna is a moderately good source of EPA and DHA, the two main omega-3s in fish. It has less of these than salmon, but more than most other fish. White tuna has more than light,...

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